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  • Motivation Architect

  • Spiritual Strategist

  • Creative Mindset Coach

  • Law Of Attraction Expert Facilitator

I strongly believe in living my life to its highest potential, and a big part of that by helping others.

I help people achieve their dreams and goals by offering practical advice, strengthening tangible foundation blocks and applying spiritual strategies that empower people to WIN. ​

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Victorious Mind Power as a venture, is about doing my part to share my proprietary techniques,

my unique suite

of tools and strategies 

that address 

motivation architecture, spiritual strategising and mindset coaching in a way that is

seamlessly powerful, effective and easy to apply.

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Every phase of your life will demand a different version of you... 

Aarti Chabria Beedassy

Aarti Chabria by the beach

Most people know me as Aarti Chabria ‘The Actress’. This is my maiden name and my screen name. 


Being an actor in the Indian Film Industry for over 19 years portraying different characters was only possible because of my deep empathy towards someone else’s situation and the number of extreme good and bad situations I have personally gone through, or often, witnessed loved ones go through. 


While these real-life situations can overwhelm most people, I have developed methods to help me creatively channel them as layers that build a “character”.