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Intuition Vs Fear ~ How to recognise the difference and use it to your advantage?

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Ever had a negative thought, and wondered whether it's your 'gut feeling' trying to protect you, or is it the monkey mind doing what it does best - chattering away a whole load of nonsense, which needs to be ignored?

How to recognise the difference and use it to your advantage?
Intuition VS Fear


The first thing you must know is that fears are liars, they come to disrupt your peace and play mischief with the empty part of your mind. When you fear something repeatedly, you catch its frequency and allow the negativity in the fear to drain your good energy out. It's like allowing a parasite to feed on you, in exchange for a more occupied mind.

What happens with this frequency , this energy that you catch on? It envelopes you, and gives you an aura you carry everywhere which attracts more such events that are on its frequency to make your fear even more believable. This could mean bumping into people, situations, receiving information out of the blue, like a pop up on your phone of a new video which confirms your fear, and brings you closer to the event you feared.

This happens because LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE, you attract the situations, people and conversations that are on your frequency. The people, situations, conversations that speak about the exact opposite of your fear also exist in your realm of reality but you just dont tend to see or come across these because your carrying that negative frequency which you allowed to latch on to you. Now, should we fear our fears???


This helps you deal with that negative thought and confirm it was fear not intuition, less welcome to come knock on your sacred door again. And if it does repeat, because you were not able to let go of its energy completely the first time:

What should we do then?

How do we analyse this thought?

By noticing our muscles, our breathing, and our swallowing movement.

  • If you feel like your constricting you muscles, crunching up, tensing you forehead,

  • If you feel like your not swallowing, and you've held your saliva before a gulp,

  • If you feel like your shallow breathing,

  • If you feel like your your neck muscles and back feel tort,

  • Just PAUSE!

First take charge of your body and mind, tell yourself this word : RELAX!


The moment you breathe, the molecules in the air around you get the message and start dissipating that negative energy that was getting more and more concentrated as you were confirming it in your mind.

You loosen up with your muscles, and just do a little free shake and change your position, and move to a new spot in your capacity, and do 10 deep breaths.

This helps you deal with that negative thought and confirm it was fear not an intuition, less welcome to come knock on your sacred door again. And if it does repeat, because you were not able to let go of its energy completely the first time:

Make a table on your page:


What is it making me feel?

Is being outside my comfort zone making me feel like this?

Will me being outside my comfort zone create success if I work towards it or is there a very small chance for success?

What Can I Do To Gain Control Of The Situation?

​Action Points

When you do this writing process, it breaks down in front of you :

and allows you to act on it and feel more in control. Fears chase us when we turn our back on the situation, and try not to tackle them. If we take them on head on and do what we can in our control, and feel like we did justice , we did our best, the fear goes away, because we no longer blame ourselves in advance for any prospective potential future guilt that we could or would feel had we not taken action.

If you actually have no answers to the above questions, simply means your fear is of no use. You should shift to joy, and accept that what is not in your control, is in the hands of the super power that made you and me, and he will decide best. Whatever happens will happen for the best reason.


When you feel like you're calm, breathing relaxed, muscles are not stressed, you feel this sense of expansion. It's like a brain wave that comes to open your mind, and show you a new perspective, a new direction, a new solution, a light. It's a positive feeling that is going to help your situation. When you have an intuitive feeling, breathe deeper, loosen up the tension in your neck, and take it in, allowing yourself to take a gulp, and allow it to help you and guide you. And don't worry about guidance, now that this intuition has come, you will naturally bend towards finding the guidance and way forward.

So isn't it simple to recognise whether a negative thought is a fear or an intuition?

When you are attempting something new, you will always feel this sense of doubt. It will make you question yourself, fear the consequences and wonder if success is more possible or is it failure. The worlds biggest leaders have confirmed that success is achieved and growth happens outside ones comfort zone. This is why writing down is important.

A Dream written down, with a date, becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps, becomes a plan, and a plan backed with actions, leads you to success. And to top it all, if you have a like minded team, or even one person to support you with the process, you should not fear this zone of the unknown. Dive right in!


Your fear is the lowest kind of emotion and this sets you off on the lowest kind of frequency which attracts the lowest type of situations, so closing your eyes and imagining the exact opposite and expressing gratefulness for what you have, is the best way to snap out of this negativity and charge yourself with POSITIVITY.

With the pandemic, and the new variant of #Covid - #Omicron taking over, it is but natural to fear many situations for your loved ones and yourself. Watching the news, talking to people, seeing the cases go up, is a warning sign, and we should all be alert and be careful, TAKE ALL THE PRECAUTIONS NECESSARY, but not constantly worry about it and get paranoid about it, because fear reduces our immunity and makes us more susceptible to the virus or any other health condition compared to, if we didn't have any fear. Meditation, deep breathing, a good diet, and regular exercise helps build your immunity and keeps your thoughts balanced.

It's only a saying what you fear is most near, it's not true in the real sense of it. What you pull your attention to constantly, will magnify in your life, this is the message you could take out of it and thus focus your thoughts, conversations and attention to the more positive things happening around you.

If you feel you want guidance in differentiating between your fears and your intuitions, you could book a half hour service with Aarti Chabria below. To read the details, book now.


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